Signor Benedick the Moor — ‘garage raps vol​.​1’: inimitably grimy

you should probably experience the genre-blurring junkyard-carnival rap shenanigans of Signor Benedick the Moor.

‘garage raps’ is probably the most apt title ever for a rap project. this EP has the frenzied wild spontaneous playful energy of your ideal self’s cool punk garage band in late high school. as one commenter on Bandcamp put it:

“Signor Benedick’s music is the equivalent of a young Danny Brown playing every instrument in a punk band.”

let the world shake.


cover art of ‘garage raps vol​.​1’

and if you dug the fuck out of that, you should definitely also check out his first project, ‘El Negro':


Young existential crisis. I make rap music about the void.

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