Producer CoryaYo is a Wellspring of Soothing Soul Butter

CoryaYo’s soundscapes conjure a sense of a distant and ideal time and place. they ring with the spirit of ‘Golden Age’ hip-hop music, pulling the listener back into the 70s, 80s, or 90s.

yet his music also feels tropical, calling to mind images of hot sand and crashing waves. it feels vintage yet fresh, and there’s an aura of timelessness that seems at once related to almost-psychedelic undertones in the music and the fact that CoryaYo samples sounds from mucho old vinyl of the soul, funk, jazz, and R&B varieties.

Cory and i go way back actually. we’re both originally from a town of 12,000 people in a fine, flat, corn-covered land known colloquially as “Iowa.”

i remember sitting with Cory and our friend Austin in dusty blue seats in the back of a fat orange school bus in middle school, listening to Eminem tell us through a CD player how much he loved his daughter.

Cory and i see each other intermittently, and when we do, we connect over music, chillllaxification, art, and our similar paths of having opted to eschew conventional career pigeonholes in favor of pursuing creative work.

i was one of the first people to listen to Cory’s beats when he started making them several years ago. from early on, it was clear that Cory had a proclivity for the craft.

cover art of CoryaYo's 'Leftover Vibes'

cover art of CoryaYo’s ‘Leftover Vibes’

and yet he’s advanced far beyond his initial stuff now. it’s a distinct blessing to be able to pull up his Soundcloud and let his vibe—his presence, his suchness, something visceral—wash over me.

here are some of my favorite songs Cory has produced. give them a listen, check out his Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and if you’re not converted, i fear your soul is ill-constituted. jk, your soul is fine. probably. anyway, this:


Young existential crisis. I make rap music about the void.

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